Craig Agency Wins!!

This year we picked up Harleysville(Nationwide) to add to our many companies so that we can be the most competetive in shopping our clients insurance for the best price. We made the agency of the month! Harleysville is an A+ rated company. Their underwriting guidelines are so strict and that is how they keep their premium so low. Call us for a free quote! 315-303-7020
From Harleysville:
Your hard work and continued dedication has made September another fantastic month!! Than...ks for making a difference and representing the Nationwide brand!! I am pleased to announce the following Agency winners who together produced close to 23,000 DWP!!! Let’s continue to focus hard and finish 2016 strong.
Agency of the Month: Craig Agency (1st time winner!!!)
Runner Up: Northeastern Insurance Agency
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Craig Agency Wins!!